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Are you feeling down? Depressed? Nervous? Experiencing poor sleep? Feeling stressed out? In constant pain or suffering? We can help!!!

At Center for Occupational Health we understand that the injury you experienced affects many aspects of your life and makes it difficult to get back on your feet. We also know how difficult it is to deal with the Worker’s Compensation process. Your case may have been denied or delayed; you may have financial difficulties, problems obtaining medical care including medications. You may feel like a burden to your friends and family or may have lost social contact and family connections as a consequence of your injury.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, please contact our office today to find out how to begin treatment. When calling, please have the following information ready:

In addition to providing you with a comprehensive evaluation, we currently offer the following treatment options:

Please check back often as we are planning to add more specialties and treatment options.