Center for Occupational Health

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Dear Colleagues,

At Center for Occupational Health we have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists, working together to provide state of the art care to patients with psychiatric/psychological disorders.

It is at times difficult to determine which patients are appropriate candidates for a referral to a mental health practice, which antidepressant and sleep medications are better to prescribe and how to manage those who respond poorly. We are happy to help! The following are just some of the conditions which warrant a referral to a mental health evaluation:

As you know, any of the above conditions when left untreated are known to increase suffering and slow down the recovery process for any comorbid condition. In addition, they cause reorganization and possibly physical damage of the neurons in the central nervous system, causing the condition to become more resistant to treatment as time goes by.

We provide multidisciplinary treatment including medication management, individual and group psychotherapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

We know how much burden referrals and authorization requests place on your staff and how many of the referred patients fall through the cracks due to lack of timely authorization. In the meantime the patients continue to suffer. This is why we have built our practice to accommodate patients as soon as scheduling permits, usually within 2 weeks, regardless of case or authorization status.

The referral process is simple, just have your staff send a patient demographics sheet along with a copy of your last progress note where you list the reason for referral to our office. We will take care of the rest and notify you once the patient is scheduled and seen. We will also send our reports to you electronically, only a few days after the patient is seen in our office. We have centralized scheduling, taking the guess work out of which office to refer to. Fax referrals to (510) 323-2524 or email to or submit your referral online at .