Center for Occupational Health

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Center for Occupational Health is prepared to help you get the treatment your clients need and deserve. We will accept all cases on lien and work with other providers who will do the same (interpreting agencies, pharmacies, etc). Your clients will spend more time treating and getting better and less time calling your office to ask questions and complain.

You will receive clear and concise, timely medical reports from our practice, keeping you informed about the status of your client’s condition. Both initial and P&S reports contain supported diagnosis, causation, apportionment (if applicable) and rating information as well as plan for future treatment. All of our treatment plans are goal oriented and finite, so you will not wait indefinitely for your client to reach maximum medical improvement. We work efficiently to provide good care to your clients and good service to you.

The referral process is simple. We will currently accept psychiatric/psychological cases as PTP and request that you send us a copy of the 4600 form submitted to the carrier, along with the client’s demographic information. We will do the rest!

If the client has a QME/AME recommendation for psychiatric/psychological treatment, please forward a copy of the report containing the recommendation along with the demographics information to us.

If the client has not been through QME/AME but has a primary treating physician and complains of psychiatric/psychological symptoms, please send the demographics information along with the primary treating physician information so that we may contact their office for a referral.

Here are the symptoms to look out for when trying to determine whether or not a referral to our office is appropriate:

We provide multidisciplinary treatment including medication management, individual and group psychotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation.

In addition to treatment, we will also be happy to provide evaluation services for pre-surgical clearance. You may also find Dr. Bokarius on the Psychiatry QME panel in multiple locations throughout the bay area.